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Information, Tips and techniques

Note - All examples on this site will operate on PCStage versions 4.7.1 and above, which means any current version. Some load with a warning, which is that the examples were saved using an older version of PCStage, but PCStage will convert the old showfile to the new format.

Obtaining and Installing PCStage

Show Control, a guide to how to do Show Control using PCStage, including a full ready-to-run implementation example based on The Theatrical Thunderstorm as described in John Huntington's book "Control Systems for Live Entertainment".

RC Servos and how to drive them from PCStage. This as done for the Farndale Murder Mystery.

Wireless remote control of a PCStage effect.

The British phone ring sound effect - How to do it right!

PowerPoint Control - A network mechanism for controlling one or more remote machines each of which can run a PowerPoint presentation under control of PCStage. Uses the UDPSend plugin.


PlayList, a utility for creating cue-lists to play music for preshow and interval.

Scripts - How to import scripts into PCStage and have them looking good. This technique uses a script mark-up language, and uses a script processor.


The official PCStage website, but unfortunately its somewhat out of date, it looks pre-2005. PCStage is (much) better than the website suggests...

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